Concerts-workshops for the geronto-psychiatry service

We are starting our season with a new partnership with the geriatric psychiatry department of the University Institute of Mental Health in Montreal, where we will be offering concert-workshops to the hospital’s patients. The patients of the geriatric psychiatry service are followed for psychiatric illnesses (depression, anxiety, bipolar illness, psychosis, schizophrenia) and cognitive illnesses (dementia of all kinds). Each month, these moments of music offered by our musicians will give a moment of rest to both patients and caregivers. In parallel to this new partnership, our monthly concert-workshops at the Montreal Detention Centre (Bordeaux Prison) will continue for a second year. We will also continue to give concert-workshops in health care settings in collaboration with SAMS, after the holidays.


Every 3rd Thursday of the month just before the workshop at the Bordeaux Prison

  • Wednesday, October 19 – 2pm (trio: Pedro, Samuel and Thomas)
  • Thursday November 17 – 2pm (trio: Noémie, Victor and Guillaume)
  • Thursday, December 15 – 2pm (quartet: Thomas, Florence, Steven and Simon Alexandre)

Crédit photo : Kevin Calixte