Community projects

Concerts-workshops for the geronto-psychiatry service

Every 3rd Thursday of the month just before the workshop at the Bordeaux Prison

We are starting our season with a new partnership with the geriatric psychiatry department of the University Institute of Mental Health in Montreal, where we will be offering concert-workshops to the hospital’s patients.


Partnership with Bordeaux prison

11 concert-workshops will be held for prisoners

The Orchestre de l’Agora (OA) has partnered with the Montreal detention centre (Bordeaux Prison) where it will hold 11 concert-workshops over the course of the 2021-2022 season.


Illustrated music

In your classroom

The Orchestre de l’Agora and its conductor Nicolas Ellis have developed a series of illustrated videos—entitled “Ellistrations”—featuring endearing characters and musicians from the orchestra. The well-thought-out narrative structure has been fine-tuned with the aim of introducing students to classical music and encouraging them to explore this world they are all-too-often unaware of.